About Us

ARAS DPI was established in 1996 and during the years has earned a reputation of reliability and trust amongst our loyal customers.

We strive to provide the latest solutions for our customers with providing the highest quality paper materials from our European partners with competitive pricing and the added benefit of a customer friendly environment.

Our core competency is our customer relationship. We have built a trust with our everyday consumer, which has provided us with regular business for over two decades.

Our target market ranges from the smallest to the largest manufacturers. We provide to the needs of our younger market by stocking all brands of paper on hand for the quickest delivery times anywhere in Iran.

We strongly believe in great customer service and work towards the same. In doing so, we offer extended services and special offers that are provide by our suppliers and product manufacturers. We hope to retain our business by being the best in the business and hope to attract new customers in the future. Visit us 7 days a week and we are sure you will find some solution that will fit your requirement and budget.

What sets us apart?

At ARAS DPI we strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering the best range of products and services. We have implemented quality management practices along with an exceptional supplier chain and customer service support.

Our after sales customer service along with our flexibility to change our strategy and systems. Our loyal customers and constant support from the community has helped us excel in this highly competitive market.

We have encountered several milestones in our 20 years of business, which we have managed to overcome with our operational efficiency and excellent management of human resources. Our strength has been the heart-warming testimonials of loyal customers that have taken us from strength to strength.

We look forward in assisting you in your companies’ growth.